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Spring Cleaning isn’t just for the Home: 5 Spring Cleaning Tips!

on April 25, 2013


Some see the first of the year as the beginning to everything new, but we think it really is spring-time! The flowers are blooming, the air is smelling of earth, and everything seems to be buzzing with reinvention. So when we talk about spring cleaning, we do not just mean dusting up the cobwebs in the corner of your home. Spring cleaning has to do with the mind, body and soul as well! Here are 5 tips on how to truly spring clean and get yourself ready for summer.

Spring Cleaning the Mind
Clean out your mental cobwebs. Everyone has that mean critic within- well start telling that critic to go away! Negative self-talk and self-doubt can lead to true unhappiness.  It has been estimated that the average person thinks about 50,000 thoughts per day. If even 10% are negative thoughts, which is an understatement for most people, that comes to 5000 negative thoughts a day on average! Start celebrating your successes, even the small ones and tell yourself how great you are. Also, try to take inventory of mental recordings. Is there a moment in your life that you aren’t too happy with that you keep replaying in your head over and over again? Focus on letting that go and replaying positive times in your life.

Spring Cleaning the Body
In winter it is natural to pack on a few pounds and go into hibernation mode. But spring is here folks! So start eating fresh whole foods and let the natural ingredients that the earth provides nourish you. Shopping at a local farmer’s market is a great way to get fresh produce and support your local farmers.

Spring Cleaning the Email
SALE! CLEARANCE! FREE SHIPPING! You have probably subscribed to way more email listings than you imagined and now your inbox is flooded with special offers and tempting urges. This usually leads to purchasing unnecessary things and can be overwhelming when you are logging in to your email. Take an evening and sit down and go through the auto-emails ad unsubscribe to the ones that have somehow found their way into your inbox. And while you’re at it- email a family member or a friend! Just drop them a note to say hi and you love them.

Spring Cleaning the Wallet
Often when people are trying to lose weight, they will carry with them a food journal and write down what they eat throughout the day. Take a week or so and do this with your spending. Write down every single cent you spend and on what. You will be able to see after a week what you are spending and why. You can then evaluate whether these are necessary things!

Spring Cleaning the Home
And now for the big overwhelming chore: spring cleaning the house. Don’t fret! With our awesome tips, your space will be spotless in no time! Make sure to have all of your tools ready! Nothing can slow down a cleaning sweep like trying to hunt down a duster that you thought you saw last spring. Music! You will be amazed at how much fun it can be to dance and clean simultaneously. Maybe even make up some new moves? The Swiffer Sweeper Two Step? From top to bottom. Start cleaning at the top, then move to the bottom. This rule applies to all cleaning. Form dry to wet. Get all the loose debris up and then get the leftover stuff with a mop or damp sponge. Last but not least, clean as you go! Is spring cleaning taking you a week to accomplish? Well, maybe that is a sign that you need to clean as you go so the chore won’t be so overwhelming when you want to get things clean!

There you have it folks- You are all set for Spring and Summer! Bring on the BBQs and get-togethers!

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